Therese på Connecting Universes i Tylösand 19-22 oktober

On 19-22 October, Therese Appelqvist invited as a lecturer at the Connecting Universes Event in Tylösand, Halmstad.

About the Event.
During these four days we offer over 40 different items held by 30 different lecturers and musicians in several different conference halls. These four days give you the opportunity to take your personal development to a whole new level. Both at an individual level and within your family constellation, at work or in other contexts.

Sweden will for the very first time host the world famous physicist, Nassim Haramein from Resonance Academy and learn the implications of such new frontiers in science! These latest developments in unified physics are being supported with growing evidence that our universe is deeply connected, from a quantum micro-scale to a gravitational macro-scale. Haramein who has been writing such physics has been able to bridge some of the largest gaps between cosmology and quantum physics. His latest discoveries on the inner workings of our holographic fractal universe, ourselves, and our collective evolution will change the way you experience yourself and the world around you. Learn about the fundamental nature of space, time, energy and matter; and how his holographic mass solution, expanded to the electron masses of all elements in the periodic table, affect our understanding of the role of consciousness and creation.

Haramein is not only developing groundbreaking theories but as well applying them to evolutionary technologies. Walk away with all of your existing dots connected and your perception opened up to a whole new dimension of awareness of the entire universe. Plus, catch bonus features and commentary of the newly released documentary film, The Connected Universe! Watch The Connected Universe now by visiting

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