Release your inner voice – live a soulful life 10/5-14/5

En exklusiv retreat på magiska Gotland i samarbete med Kerstin Sörbom och Sinnenas resor.

Lightworkers come and lighten your brightest flame with us and keep it burning.

The energy of Gotland will support us on our journey to expansion, to create a vision out of creativity that we will enlighten ourselves with. What is more rewarding, comforting and encouraging than living a live created out of your soul, in love? Our journey will lead us to our intuitive sight, in total trust and truth in whom we really are.

There will be lots of laughter and fun, silence and written and spoken words. Rituals will be a natural part of our inner journey to a soulful live. Balancing the dark and the light and embrace it as a whole. Embrace your own courage to take the necessary steps and responsibility to live a soulful life and spread your inner truth.

Låter det inte heeeelt underbart?

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